The Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation builds, strengthens and preserves Jewish identity within our local community, in Israel and around the world through tzedekah, (the act of charitable giving to create a more just and righteous world), education and cultural events.

 The MKJF works together with a network of partners, here at home and across the globe, to repair the world and put our values of compassion, generosity and responsibility into action.

We are all Federation. Together, we are a community of Jews helping others in the age-old traditions of chesed, rachmanut, and tzedakah kindness, mercy, and righteousness. Each one of us gives of ourselves because we can do no less; because as Jews, it is incumbent upon us to share our resources with those less fortunate; and because the Talmud tells us that kol Yisrael areivim zeh bazeh all Jews are responsible for one another. This simple connection is central to the essence of Judaism. It has enabled us to plant the seeds of a community and to harvest hundreds of ways to ease the lives of those in need. It is the key to a Jewish future.