We were saddened and horrified by two new tragic shootings targeting innocents in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. There are no words to convey our grief and we struggle to find solace in prayer, yet our community’s commitment to stamp out hate and rise when things feel dark is well known.

During his days marching with the mighty Reverend Martin Luther King in the fight for civil rights, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel’s words remind us to remain steadfast in the face of racism, xenophobia and hate, so as “to prevent the desecration of the soul and the violation of our dream of honest.” We must not let that dream be forsaken.

 JFNA and our Secure Community Network have been in touch with both communities to offer assistance. We send our prayers to the families of those slain and injured. May the memory of those that have passed be a blessing.

What impact would you like to make on the world?

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Tikkun Olam. Repairing the world.  It’s one of the foremost Jewish values — and it starts with you.

With your gift to Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation, you’re supporting Jewish communities in a myriad of ways. Every single day. You’re giving Holocaust survivors the dignity they deserve — providing food, shelter, healthcare and companionship. You’re providing books, facilities and Jewish education for families who may not have the means but have a deep desire to give their children a richer Jewish life.

And when our people are challenged around the world through overt anti-Semitism or attempts to legislate bans on our most sacred traditions, you become the catalyst for the Jewish leaders who make our case.

A stronger Jewish people, enriched Jewish life, the promise of a brighter Jewish future — it all starts with you and your gift to the Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation.

In Wichita an elderly person is visited and enjoys the company of someone in their community. Across the country, a single mother updates her professional skills, gets a higher-paying job and provides for her children. And, all across the globe, millions of young adults connect or reconnect with their Jewish heritage on Birthright trips to Israel.

Your gift to the Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation goes right to the very heart of the better world you want to create.

Just $18 provides a homeless shelter with fresh produce for the better part of a week. $180 weatherizes homes for as many as five fixed-income seniors so they can lower their utility bills. $400 ensures safety, nourishment and transportation for a Jewish schoolchild in Kiev.

Please give what you can. With the impact you make, MKJF Lunch & Learns can continue to enhance the lives our community, continue to pay for security at JBJSC,  Jewish artists and museums can flourish, discovering new ways to illuminate our history and culture. Libraries and technology centers can spring up in remote corners of the world, and immigrants worldwide can feel the warm embrace of their new homes.

In a very real way, it all starts with you. Thank you for making Jewish Federation your vehicle to make the world a better place—in all the ways you see fit. You can make an IMPACT TODAY!

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